Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil

RSVP by Saturday, December 12 to join the Club and receive a free bottle of fresh-pressed olive oil

Yes! I am an olive oil lover! I understand that olive oil, unlike wine, is at its peak of flavor and nutritional perfection immediately after it’s pressed. This is why I want to be among the tiny handful of Americans who experience fresh-pressed olive oils year-round from the distant regions of the olive-growing world. By enrolling now, each quarter I am guaranteed to receive three different fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oils. Each fresh-pressed oil will be personally hand-selected by T. J. Robinson, who chooses the most outstanding harvest-fresh oils exclusively from the world's highest-rated artisanal and boutique producers.

My oils will be rushed to America by jet (not via slow-boat cargo shipping used by other importers) and then raced by express delivery to my front door at the peak of their bright, lively, harvest-fresh flavor. I know this makes a critical difference in taste, as I will experience with all my recipes, salads, vinaigrettes, pastas, grilled meats and fish, crusty breads, cheeses, etc.

With each quarterly olive oil delivery, T. J. will send me a “Pressing Report” describing the producer, olive varieties, tasting notes, harvest, and delivery details of my shipment. There is no minimum number of quarters for which I must enroll, and I may cancel my membership at any time. Every shipment is protected by a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. I risk absolutely nothing.

Free Welcome Gift! By enrolling before midnight, Saturday, December 12, I will receive a free bottle of the outrageously flavorful fresh-pressed artisanal olive oil that T. J. recently discovered.

I pay nothing now. You’ll bill my credit card only when you send the Club’s next regularly scheduled quarterly shipment. But you’ll send my free bottle of the incredible artisanal olive oil immediately...100% cost-free (you’ll even cover shipping).

I am choosing one of the following options:

A large set of three 500-ml (16.9 ounce) fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oils for only $124 per quarter (plus $15 shipping and handling). This works out to one 500ml (16.9 ounce) fresh-pressed bottle per month.

A smaller set of three 250-ml (8.45 ounce) bottles of fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oils for only $87 per quarter (plus $12 shipping and handling).