Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil

Try the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club for Just $1

Yes! I am an olive oil lover! I understand that olive oil, unlike wine, is at its peak of flavor and nutritional perfection immediately after it’s pressed. This is why I want to be among the tiny handful of Americans who experience fresh-pressed olive oils year-round from the distant regions of the olive-growing world. By enrolling now, each quarter I am guaranteed to receive three different fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oils. Each fresh-pressed oil will be personally hand-selected by T. J. Robinson, who chooses the most outstanding harvest-fresh oils exclusively from the world's highest-rated artisanal and boutique producers.

My oils will be rushed to America by jet (not via slow-boat cargo shipping used by other importers) and then raced by express delivery to my front door at the peak of their bright, lively, harvest-fresh flavor. I know this makes a critical difference in taste, as I will experience with all my recipes, salads, vinaigrettes, pastas, grilled meats and fish, crusty breads, cheeses, etc.

With each quarterly olive oil delivery, T. J. will send me a “Pressing Report” describing the producer, olive varieties, tasting notes, harvest, and delivery details of my shipment. There is no minimum number of quarters for which I must enroll, and I may cancel my membership at any time. Every shipment is protected by a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Welcome Gift. By enrolling today, and agreeing to pay $1 to help cover shipping, I will receive a Welcome Gift of the extraordinarily flavorful fresh-pressed artisanal olive oil that T. J. recently discovered.

I Agree to Try the Club for Just $1. So I can try the Club and decide for myself, you'll send my Welcome Gift bottle immediately and bill my credit card just $1 to help cover shipping. If I decide to cancel my membership for any reason, I'll let you know, and that will end the matter. I'll owe nothing and pay nothing beyond the $1 shipping charge. No matter what I decide about the Club, even if I cancel, the Welcome Gift is mine to keep as a "thank you" for giving the Club a try.

If I Decide to Remain a Member, in several weeks, you'll send the Club's next regularly scheduled quarterly shipment, fresh from the latest harvest, and bill my credit card at that time. For as long as I am a member, I may cancel my membership at any time and owe nothing further. There is never a minimum purchase commitment. Every shipment is protected by a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. I risk absolutely nothing.

If I Decide to Remain a Member, I prefer my future shipments to be one of the following (please choose your preferred option):